I just made the most fantastic Chili Casserole recipe....

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    OH SAVE ME FROM MYSELF, I have eaten so much of it I can't move:

    Chili Casserole

    1 c raw rice
    3 strips bacon, minced into tiny pieces(optional - if you don't want bacon, use 2 TB of oil to sautee the rice in)
    1 lg can crushed tomatoes including tomato juice
    1 c chicken broth
    i can corn
    1 can pinto beans
    i large potato, microwaved til half done, and chopped into small pieces
    1 lb of mixed cheeses (mozarella, cheddar, colby), grated and mixed together
    1 c panko crumbs
    2 TB butter
    1 garlic clove, crushed and cut into tiny pieces(optional, more if you like garlic)
    1 tablespoon chili powder
    1 tablespoon salt(optional)
    1 teaspoon pepper
    1 large glass baking dish

    If you like, leftover cooked hamburger, cooked sausage, or other meats can be added to the tomato-bean-rice mix - cut the meat in small pieces or break into small chunks.

    cook the bacon in a skillet til it's crispy, take it out and set it aside.

    Leave the bacon grease in the skillet, pour the raw rice in, and stir til coated with grease, cook on a medium high heat, stirring constantly, til the rice starts to change color. Some kernels will get very slightly darker, a little golden, but most of the kernels should look a more opaque (solid) white when they have been sauteed enough.

    in a large bowl, mix the tomatoes and juice, broth, corn, beans, potato, chili powder, salt, pepper, garlic, sauteed rice.

    If you're worried about the finished food sticking to the baking dish, lightly spray the baking disk with cooking oil spray, or put a little oil on a paper towl and lightly oil the baking dish.

    pour the tomato-bean-rice mixture into the baking dish, even it out.

    melt the 2 TB butter in a microwave, and pour the panko over it, mix thoroughly.

    scatter the cheese over the top of the mixture in the baking dish.

    scatter the panko-butter mixture on top of the cheese.

    scatter the bits of bacon over top of the panko-butter crumbs.

    cook at 350 for one hour. The rice will be done and it will be delicious. Can be served hot or rewarmed. Also makes a nice 'bed' for a couple fried eggs.

    You can save by using dried bread crumbs instead of panko - take stale bread and put it in a bag and roll over it with a rolling pin or large heavy can, til it' crumbs.
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    Sounds great. I have a daughter who is a vegetarian, and this looks like it could easily be converted to a meat-free dish. We're looking forward to trying it.
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    Sounds dangerous (to my waistline !!)

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