I just moved here, how do I improve my coop?


8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
here is the back of the coop [we just replaced the roof of the garage --that is next to the coop]

here is the outside pen:

here is the inside view of the roof--i am not happy about that material for the roof--among other things it is really loud when it is windy, no insulation from temperature and a giant gap that makes it drafty

the inside view of the "door"

view of the "floor" near the "door"

the nesting box is filled with sisal

ok, so off the top of your head, is there anything that is not very expensive to improve things for my chickens?

any questions?

i just moved in here and i am making do with what there is
Welcome to the forum!

First things first. That gap at the roof makes the coop vulnerable to predators. I'd fix that first. Either board it up with some scrap lumber, or use some welded wire to cover it up well. The wire would be better because that would give you some ventilation, too.

The chicken door is a problem, also. I'd rig some kind of solid door that you can lock closed at night.
Great inexpensive ideas, thank you elmo

lol the day i moved in the side with the gap at the top was wide open! About a 5 foot opening, so we screwed in a piece of plywood to at least keep the cold wind and weather less--so, i can get that wire up there no prob-

- The door would need a hinged real door and i will work on that soon.

there was also a small skunk that lived underneath the garage floor that i got rid of; then the field over the fence has a marsh hawk circling nearly every day-- so far the hawk has not tried to get the chickens [plus the chickens are too big and heavy for the hawk to carry them away]. Those are the only predators i am aware of [so far].

i keep thinking of knocking it down and starting over but i do not have the money for that --


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