I just need cry with people who will understand.

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    Aug 4, 2011
    polk county, NC
    So this last week has been pretty rough.
    My incubating skill worsened as only 1 chick of 14 that went into lockdown hatched. :hit
    Then my buff orp Joanie is sick, with a cold or a sinus respritoray infection, and I'm having to wait for the nessacary drug to get here! :hit
    And this morning I wake up to find my very 1st show quality bird and my favorite of that particular group, dead. Something tried to pull her through the wire(tore a hole in hardware cloth):hit

    On top of this I'm dealing with depression. Which is just making all this hard to handle! I truly keep considering to just give up on chickens! I love'em to pieces, but losing them is tearing me to pieces. It was soo much fun when I started! And I enjoy all the chores. And I still being with my feathered babies. But lately, I've just felt like there has been more tragedy, then good. When it all weighs down on me, I feel like a failure to my chickens.
  2. Yup, most of us understand where you are coming from my dear. I bet 95% of us have been in your shoes and were at one point ready to just throw up our hands and walk away. BUT persistance will make you happy again. Just because you have only one to survive just means try again. You will never know if it was you or something else that made that happen. Dont blame yourself- I know you will anyway, but try not too. Your girls know you love them and do the best you can for them. Bad things happen to us all and to our flocks, but some of us just take it to heart and feel even worse over it. Comes from experience I can tell you that.

    I am sure you hear this all the time, "pick your arse up and get on with it!" well, go forth and do it again! My girls, my chores, my egg gathering, my chicken TV keep me sane through the good and the bad times with them. They are the reason my depression lessens each day. The bad parts do bring us down a notch or two, but they also make us strong and learn how to deal with it.

    They need you. [​IMG]
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    Mar 11, 2011
    Western WA
    Been there for sure. I decided I couldn't let hard times get the best of me and got another batch of chicks this spring. We haven't lost any more, and they are all happy and so good to be around. Sometimes we have to dig deep and fight back. You can do it. [​IMG]
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    May 1, 2011
    I am with you, too. I have lost 40+ chickens to Marek's in the last year. I can name each one of them. It has been devastating. But, I persevere! Why? Who would take care of them if I didn't? I love them too much. I gotta keep going because they are depending on me and, I won't let them down!!!

    Keep the faith! Times may be rough now but, down the road there may be a huge rainbow awaiting you :)
  5. Simmonsfunnyfrm

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    Jun 11, 2012
    Pope County, Arkansas
    Don't give up! If you quit keeping chickens, doing something you love, you will let your depression win. My little sister who is very dear to me is constantly battling depression. Sometimes she feels a lot like you do now, just with her hobbies. It must be a horrible thing to deal with, but I just know that if you don't give up, and try again, you will beat it and it will feel so good! I can't think of many things more therapeutic than keeping/watching/holding your chickens [​IMG] Sorry you are having a rough week, I know it's hard losing a favorite bird, but Fishnet is right, the others love you and need you too.
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    Aug 28, 2012
    Planet No
    I am very sorry about your chickens! I felt like giving up on chickens, too.
    One day, I went outside and found my favorite girls, Betty, Bettsy, Minnie, and Molly, strewn all over the yard. Heads, legs, feet, guts, blood stained grass, more guts here and there, in a huge circle around the backyard. Our lab had got to the chickens! A few days later, we "improved" our coop and let the dog out to run around. She got out and killed 3 more chickens: Beauty, Rusty, and King. [​IMG]

    So, we dog-proofed the coop and a couple of days later, Hooter, our EE roo is found dead. No wounds, nothing, just DEAD! He was a wonderful pet! So, a few months later, I get a blue silkie. He is infested with lice and dies shortly after I get him. He was $15, and they did not give me a refund! And he had lice from their farm! [​IMG]

    So, in the middle of all these deaths, a couple of our fav. EE chicks are battling Coccidiosis! Luckily, they survived. But a gold sex-link named april died from mareks at the same time those babies recovered. And a hawk got one of our other gold sex-links on the same day that we lost April!

    Worse yet, my little brother tipped the brooder box over and a baby chick fell to the ground. When she landed, her guts and innards came out her vent! She still hopped around on the floor, dragging her innards behind her, and spraying blood everywhere! I feel like she might have made it though... I dont know what my dad did with her when he took her outside... [​IMG]

    In the end, I was REALLY thinking about giving up on chickens, but my sweet babies convinced me otherwise.

    Just keep taking care of them... who knows? they may surprise you! [​IMG]

    P.S I am sooo sorry for your loss. Here's a hug! Cheer up! [​IMG]

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