I just put my babies out on pasture


9 Years
Apr 10, 2010
Raytown, MO (BY KCMO)
I am a firm believer that baby chicks need to be out eating grass and playing around like they would if they were with an old momma hen. I just moved my Dels (2 weeks old) and my Sussex (almost 1 week old) out on the yard. They are so happy running around and chasing each other. Such an awesome sight.
Only thing better would be an old hen to guard and cluck to them.

I know. I just let my babies out a few weeks ago, and they love it. It's so fun to watch them run and stretch their wings and peck and act like chickens. There's no denying they're happy chicks when you open that door lol.
What is the temperature like when you are doing that? I would love to do that, but I am fairly sure it is way too cold here (for 2/3 week chicks anyhow)
I'm very happy with mine being out with momma hen, but the chicks raised in the incubator would be very cold here ....temp struggling to hit 50 max today. So chicks are fine outside provided the ambient temperature isn't too low,

i would like to know temp too. i just asked that same question on a new post and we are in wisconsin and i have 3 week olds too. when is it safe?
I've actually had mine out at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I just have to make sure I have adequate heat lamps with them. It gets about 50 at night now but I cover their little pen with a tarp so it helps hold the heat in. I keep the pen in the sun and pull the tarp off as soon as the sun hits that spot in the morning. I have a 5x5 pen I've made just for this and it has raised a LOT of chicks. I pull it around the yard every day to protect the grass. When they get too big for the pen they are usually feathered out and ready to go in with the other chickens. I also like this method cause all the chickens can check them out and get used to them. It was funny watching all the older chickens today. They were fascinated with the babies.

Oh, it got 70 + today here in KCMO. Supposed to get colder though.


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