I just rescued 40 chickens from certain death... Graphic details.

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    First off, if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it

    I got a call from a new neighbor who knew I had chickens. She said there were some neighbors across the road that had moved out and left all their chickens, this was far from the truth. Turns out they hadn't moved out but sold their trailer and were living in a three sided building [husband, wife, 1 1/2 year old daughter] living off of barely enough to survive with their cat, dog, and chickens. They sold the trailer to get food for the baby.

    In pen number one there was a PILE of dead chicks about 4 weeks old, give or take. Direct sunlight, no food or water, dehydrated and half starved. There were to survivors burried under the pile and the owner picked them up and -spare details here of graphic death- I almost puked. They told me I could take the chickens and so we started walking around.

    There was 14 adult birds in various pens mixed and mangled, one hen had to be put down due to a broken leg and some dismemberment by her rooster. The rooster in the pen with her was a tiny bantam guy, with 4 inch spurs. That's right, FOUR INCH SPURS. None of them had shade, he couldn't remember the last time they were fed, blablabla. They were starving for sure. There was also two pens of chicks aside from the pile, eight week silkie crosses and two week mixed bred bantams. Again, direct sunlight and no shade/water.

    I ended up bringing home....

    2 silkie roosters, one white and one buff [who has a straight comb]. This is "Silkie and Brutus". Their penned together and get along find, so far. No fighting yet.

    1 Cochin rooster. Black, beautiful bird... he's the guy with four inch spurs. I will cut them off tomorrow some time. "Chewie."

    2 Sebright cross bantams. Gypsy the blue, and Leaf a orange color. Both of these girls are speckled.

    1 Sex-link rooster and his four/five TOPS pound CORNISH hen. She's skin and bones, feathers missing everywhere, horrible condition. These two were in a dark room, no light, no feed. She had four eggs I collected.

    2 Feather legged bantams, not sure what they are but the male is a blue/orange color. The female is white. Again, skin and bones. These two were in a rabbit pen, maybe 2x2 in demensions, no airflow and walking on 2 inches of feces and feathers.

    2 Japanese? bantams, the rooster is so thin he can't even weigh 6 oz. The hen is fluffy, crossed with a cochin I think, but under that fluff she's thin.

    Somewhere between 15-20 chicks around eight weeks old, maybe... and 8 two week old chicks.

    Everyone was fed and watered upon arrival, they all scratched and dusted like they had never seen the ground before. The feather legged pair dusted over an hour, they were so happy to be out of that pen. I wormed everyone, dusted them for mites, and let them settle in for the night. I will get pictures tomorrow some time, it was nearly dark by the time I got home. I did have some partially built pens we finished up for them, gave them shade, and left them be.

    I am planning on keeping them in quarentine for as long as possible, and I hope that neighbors up the road get their feet back under them. My 17 year old neighbor spent her babysitting money to get them a few necessities like toilet paper and drinking water. I told them they could come see the chickens anytime, and if they ever found themselves on their feet they could have a few back on the promise they built pens, etc. We talked a good while about the hard times, and how they couldn't find jobs due to disabilities, and the fact that their having an old trailer brought in so their daughter is protected from the elements. I asked them to come get me if they needed help with her, I was willing to offer food/whatever for her care.

    They're good people on hard times, and were extremely happy I came to their birds rescue. I'm leaving out some graphic information, and I'm hoping no one is too bothered by this post... I just wanted to let ya'll know 40 birds are happily settling in to their new home. Pictures tomorrow.
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    If they are that bad off, living outside with a baby, is there any way to get help for the family? I know you offered but maybe a church or some organization that can help them? If they don't get help soon and the authorites find out about it, they could lose their baby.

    That's just sad.[​IMG]

    I mean I am glad the birds are safe, but worried about that baby, you know?
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    Good job! [​IMG] Sounds like you did them both a favor... I hate it that they are going through hard times.... I would have asked them if they needed anything from the store in exchange for their chickens.....
  4. The Coastal Chicks

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Good for you for doing a good deed for Chickens but the children are a concern. I do hope they can get some help and Thank for what you did. I cannot image walking into something like that. Makes us all feel very greatful for what we do have.
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    Quote:So........is this a rural environment? They sold their trailer for food? Do they have a garden? They couldn't free range the chickens and eat them? Or---is this a typical meth-head family that's better off fulfilling Darwin's philosophy?
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    Good for you. Maybe you could invite them for dinner? It sounds they are living nothing short of Hell...
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    This sounds like "3rd world country" poverty. There are no services for these folks where you live? Just sounds awful and harsh for that child in the heat of Texas in a shed without water or hygiene, but then I suppose we could just imagine them camping temporarily rather than existing permanently this way. Poor pet animals/birds too. Hope the trailer gets there soon.
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    So wait, 40 chickens were rescued and given 4 sided shelter with a roof, but mom, dad, and baby were left in a 3 sided shelter and possibly exposed to the elements????

    If they're such good people as you say, why has no one offered to let them stay with them until they get the trailer brought in?

    I mean, great you rescued the chickens, but if the family is that bad off, my concern would be for them and their child over their starving chickens.

    No offense meant, but I've never believe that animals take precedence over people. Ever.

    ETA: if I am ever that bad off, no one would be rescuing my starving chickens - because we'd be eating them before I sold my house to buy food. They had free food right there.
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    From what I understand from some of their family members, they're moving out of that place and into a house with her parents in the next two weeks. Their baby will be spending the heat of the day hours with my baby sitter, in an air conditioned house, for free[I found out the babysitter is a relative of them who hadn't heard from them in over a year]. Apparently everyone around them thought they'd moved because the trailer was gone, and they haven't been seen. They haven't been seen because she can't walk and he has been running scrap to make ends meat and is gone by dawn home at dusk.

    I, as well as neighbors, have offered to help them move when they are ready to head to her parents place. They gladly accepted. So, sometime around the first they'll be in a safe environment. Until then, everyone is pitching in to give them food/etc, for them and the baby. The baby has dwarfism, and is special needs. She won our hearts over, even started crying when her chickens had to go.

    I pass their house every day on my way to work, and on my way home, and I never thought anyone lived there. The birds were hidden from view, so I did not know they were there. Several of the people that helped me collect the birds called on this couple, we all sat and talked about it once we got the birds settled in here. Their daughter is going to be on my mind until I know she is completely safe. I can't remember who it was that gave them the trailer for the kid, but it was one of the most gracious things I'd ever seen in my life. We're all planning a 'roof raising' party for when it's moved in. Going to bring them baskets of food, someone bought them a used fridge and brought it to them, and a few other things.

    So for now, the baby is in the care of the community when she needs it most. I'm wondering what's going to happen about all the calls that were made today, but hopefully if they take the baby the parents will be able to get her back if and when they ever get back on their feet. They care for her, a LOT, and have rigged up an area of their three sided shed with a partially working air conditioning and fans for the kid. It was probably 80 in there, but better than the 100+ heat we had today.

    I was just amazed at the neighbors, once they all found out, who came pouring over to help rescue the birds and help out this family. I brought them over some milk, bread, and I can't remember what else to feed them tonight and through a few days hopefully. I'll be checking in on them often. Every little bit helps, so we did what we could. Neighbor girl was sickened by it, the babysitter was eager to help the toddler, and a few people cried. It's amazing what happens when theirs someone in need.

    --On the church note, they live a 5 minute walk from the local church. The pastor offered to let them come spend anytime they needed in it to get out of the heat until, and even after, they got their 'new' trailer.

    ETA: Just got a call from the neighbor who made the original call. Their staying in his guest bedroom, he said he couldn't stand it anymore. Said they'd be allowed to stay as long as neededThis has started a practical riot in my 'community'. CPS will be out tomorrow to 'assess' their conditions. He said a few other things, but they weren't about this, and let me know to start the phone chain so everyone got word. - And yes, we live several miles out from the closest town, there's 85ish people in a 10 mile radius of my house.
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    I hope they can keep the kid safely. It wouldn't help to have their kid taken. Glad you're community is close, ours would just complain the whole time

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