I just rescued 5 Leghorns and on their neck.....UPDATE#2

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    ..... There is a patch where it looks like they were eating their feathers but no where else on the body . They are really thin and some of them limp. Also there near the rear of the chicken , it looks as if feathers have been ripped out . Wanna help me out ? If this dont start gaining weight im going to take them to the locker plant:barnie [​IMG]

    ETA: When i threw scratch and food on the ground they went crazy over it

    #2 - so after having them almost 24 hours now , they are not eating their eggs , they are really playful and just love being who they are and they are not longer really eating at their feather ....... I have a really good feel the people i got these bird from were starving them and overbreeding them . I will be going back to get the other 4 bird because if these were like they were , you know the other birds are going to be the same way
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    Where did you rescue them from ?
    Were they owned by some one else ??
    Sounds like mal-nurishment. Scratch and grain is ok but that alone will not put weight on them. They need a 16 to 18 % chick feed diet. Let them eat as much as they want and make darn sure they have fresh water at all times. they could also have some dehydration going on.
    Don't kill them, just fatten them up with a good feed. They will be fine but it won't happen over night.
    I hope you have access to a good animal supply Vendor. I'm from Rifle Colorado.........now living in Kansas. I met my first love in Elizabeth Co....wooo-hooo
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    Are they hens? The areas that are affected sounds like when they are overbred. The roo grabs on to the neck and can pull feathers out, and they will pull out the feathers over the tail, sometimes to the point of complete baldness, when they use their feet to hold on.

    I think that with a little rest and good food, they'll be like completely different chickens in a little bit!

    If one of them is a male, remove him so they can recover.

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    So i now have the chickens in a horse stable along with 3 goats 1 hen cochin and 1 roo cochin the roo is not touching the new hens and i gave them about well A LOT of layer feed and they went crazy like nothing over that .

    They are currently roosting up high and away from the goats , yeah i think over breeding is a good option to go with , the feathers are just gone on the front of the neck and right under the tail .

    Other then that they went crazy over the water and food and looks to be like they will be good girls with some TLC and food .

    The lady i bought them from lives about 30 miles south of my and she told me that the hens eat their eggs , so i said ok ill take them and work with them . Then when i fed them tonight i was like , well S*** thats why they are eating their eggs , they are hungry from all hell .

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    Bless your heart for taking them in. They are lucky you found them.
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    Usually when feather loss is due to overbreeding it's on the back of the neck/top of the head, tops of their shoulder wings and at times their tale feathers. Worm them and dust them. [​IMG] Then put some black oil sunflower seeds in with their feed. [​IMG]
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    Quote:yeah i keep seeing so many ppl in my area wanting to get rid of chickens and i feel bad so i now take them in . Im know out here as the Dr.Phil of chickens LOL . Im there to help them grow and teach them that picking on each other is not needed to have a nice fun filled laying life !!!!
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    You are doing the right thing by seperating them. We don't mean to sound bossy, just sharing some experience from the past. I just hate to see the babes get hurt. The Rooster will surley pounce them and could possibly kill them. I have learned that the smallest birds get the rough end of the stick always..............it's just not right.

    Good Luck. and Bless you're heart for taking care of those birds who people don't want .
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    I have stopped the egg eating !!! They are not laying and not eating jumbo size eggs

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