I just saw something very odd

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    May 12, 2015
    I know full well not to believe everything I see on facebook, but a little girl (too young to pull off some slight of hand) cracked open a very large egg. In the egg were 2 yolks (not that unusual) AND another whole perfectly formed egg! How is this even possible? Iis it a photoshop trick or something?
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    @grnidone posted about the same thing, check out the post. It does happen on occasion, though it's extremely rare.
  3. Not extremely rare at all.....Happens more with young pullets..Check out the Chicken Chick....Factual info...
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    Not that rare at all, especially as one pointed out if the hens are just starting to lay and haven't gotten all the 'bugs out of the system' yet.

    One of my (actually, my landlady's) chickens once layed a HUGE egg that we just KNEW had to be double, if not triple yolked. Well it did have two yolks, but the second was inside another complete egg, shell and all, that was inside the first!
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