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    Jan 12, 2007
    This will be my test incubator. If this works I will be building a larger one with the same basic principals. I am just waiting for the computer fan I orderd to get here. I sure hope this works! I will post the pics of it tonight as soon as I pick up my camera from my moms. JEN
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    May 2, 2007
    Naples, Florida
    Good Luck
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    Mar 4, 2007
    Jen we need some PICS lol....looking forward to them!
  4. jenlynn4

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    Jan 12, 2007
    OK heres the details. I built one of these before BUT it did not have the egg turner that I just made or the plastic box in the bottom to keep it clean. I think I thought of everything this time. OK Hers what I used:

    1 foam cooler from walmart $1.50

    1 computer fan Ebay $2.00 with shipping!

    1 plastic shoe box also from walmart $1.00

    1 plastic cutlery tray also walmart a 3 pack for $1.00

    2 pieces of glass from old picture frames (the same size) I had

    1 window from my old lg bator (I had this)

    1 shop light (I also had this) costs about $6.00 at walmart

    1 Dimmer switch for a wall light ( also had this) Lowes for about 5 bucks

    1 wooden dowel (I had this) about .50 cents

    1 water snake toy dollar general $1.00

    First I took the plastic shoe box that fits perfectly in the bottom of the cooler and I took a regular stake knife (the ones with the tiny serrades barely noticable) and I cut out the holes for the dowles to fit for the turner.

    Then I cut the dowel to leinght for both end pieces. (one small one and one longer one for the turning handle)

    Then I widdled the end of each dowel down to a rectangle shape that would fit in the slots on the sides of the cutlery dish

    Next I took the top to the shoe box and cut out a piece that would fit right down to the ledge on the cutlary bin.

    I found a cap to a lotion bottle that I thought looked the right size and I used a sharpie to mark the circles to cut out for the egg holes.

    I took the same stake knife and cut out the holes on the insert that I cut out of the shoe box lid for the eggs

    then I put it together to be sure it would work and it did so I took it back apart and cut 3 small holes in the back side of the plastic shoe box about mid way up for air holes.

    I cut the hole for the light socket ( a little smaller than the actual socket for a snug fit) and gently pushed it through

    I put the shoe box down in the styro cooler and took a large pointed screw and punched through the cooler for the air holes and the hole for the handle of the turner slowly going around in circles untill the holes were as big as I wanted them. ( Keep the hole for the handle slightly smaller than the dowl for a snug fit)

    Once the holes were done and the excess styrofoam was blew off I put one piece of glass on the outside front and marked around it. I cut the hole about 1/2 inch smaller than the mark all the way around. then I scored the exact shape of the glass and cut about 1/8 of the styro away so the glass on the outside would fit flush on the front. Then I taped the second piece of glass on the inside to make a double pain

    I cut the hole in the lid for the old lg bator window (be very careful the lids are really flimsy)

    after all that was done I put the turner back together inside the bator

    next I found a little bottle that my daughter had body wash in and I took a piece of aquairum hose and it fit right in the hole. This will be my water filler. I poked a hole in the side of the cooler with the screw and I ran my hose and the 2 thermomitor wires through this hole. All I do is take the cap off the bottle and fill it with warm water and then screw the lid (with the hose attached) back on and squirt that water in

    I cut up a wire coat hanger and I rooled my water snake toy onto it and allong with my thermomitor probe and taped it in place in the cooler. Then I attached another thermomitor probe to the egg tray for 2 readings.

    I also taped my hygrometer to a piece of the coat hanger that was bent like a L and poked it into the bator to hang the hygrometer

    The fan will go on the side where the flat spot is near the top of the cooler when it gets here

    I let it run for the day and it was dead on all day so I added the eggs and off we go! Here are the pics:











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  5. jenlynn4

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Here you go sam! Its a better version of the one I did a couple of years ago! and the first one worked great so I am sure this one will be even better! At least I hope so anyhow! [​IMG]
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    Love your turner!!

    Where's the thermostat!?
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  7. jenlynn4

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    Jan 12, 2007
    No thermostat needed. I use a dimmer switch on the light bulb and just turn it up or down as needed. but so far no adjustments have been needed other than the original ones to get it to temp. It held temp at the same place all day. The bulb stays on at all times. JEN
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    I'm not sure of some of the devices you have hooked up. But, if that is an accu-rite type thing it measures humidity from the device not the sensor on the wire. Can't tell if you have something else to measure humidity or not.
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    Apr 18, 2008
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    Great job on this!!! I love the thoughtfulness.
    Easy cleaning is key!

    Did I miss what type of eggs WE're now expecting? lol
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    May 26, 2007
    nice bator!!! cant wait to see what comes out of it!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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