I killed a water moccasine last night


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
my daughter niece and nephew were playing hide and seek last night just before dark last night when they came running in screaming about a snake in the yard.. My niece almost hid in the area where the snake was... my hubby wasn't home so I had to deal with it my self... I cut it in half with one wack of the shovel and placed it in the bucket for hubby to see... then I had my nervous break down...
Since you were able to properly handle the situation, you deserve a nervous breakdown. I'm glad it worked out OK.

I do not bother snakes unless they are posionous. Then I protect me, my family, and my animals.
We have so many moccasins down here it is not even funny!!!!!!
we get alot of them here... but I haven't seen many this year since we were in a drought and my ditch is dry... if it would have been in the back of my property I would have let it go, but i there is 5 kids living on my property and all of my pets he had to go... it was too close to my house
We moved 2 years ago from our old house and at that house we had the meanest moccasins you could ever see!!!! But where we live now we have not seen a moccasin yet.
That just always gets your blood pumping when you see one of those. I used to live in southern FL about 5 years ago now and we had moccasines in the water cannals behind both places we lived.

Here is AZ we arelly have to worry about the darn rattlers. We have so many different kinds and now they are starting to not signal by rattling anymore which makes them more scary. We have to be very careful when dove and quail hunting because it is still hot enough for them to be out and about. You really have to watch where you grab when you are reaching for your taken birds.

Good job taking care of it.
Nervous breakdown isn't anything after your kids let you know about a very poisonious snake then you take care of it.
snakes make me nervous... I know they have been finding large timber rattlers here and alsp coral snakes (which really scares me because the look like a non poisonous snake)
chixie~ I forgot about the coral snakes...
"Red on yellow kill a fellow, Red on black venom lack"

The have a ton a king snakes here to so we always say that anytime we see a striped snake.
As much as I gripe about the weather up north, I couldn't handle all the snakes you guys have down south. Eeekkk! Snakes in the water? Like my worst nightmare!

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