I knew I had a lot of boys but....

Discussion in 'Quail' started by shelleyd2008, Jun 23, 2011.

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    This is ridiculous! I finally decided to 'thin out' the boys in my coturnix pen since I knew it was male-heavy...the bald-headed girls told me everyday [​IMG] Total of 15 birds in the pen; I knew there was a tuxedo male, a cinnamon male, and 2 white males...so male-heavy just with those. What I didn't know was that all 4 of the Rosettas in there were also males [​IMG] So that means I've had 8 males and 7 females in this one pen since this spring. No wonder the girls didn't lay much, I'm sure they were stressed beyond belief!

    I took the 4 Rosetta boys out, but there are still 4 males with the 7 females. I have a few other females inside that will be going in there soon, but that will still only be 11 (if the 3 Rosetta girls inside are, in fact, girls [​IMG]) girls with 4 boys. I guess I'll take one of the white males too, or maybe take both whites and keep the young tux?? Decisions, decisions [​IMG]
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    Hahaha, you got the opposite of me I was given what was suppose to be a male and female pair I found what looked and acted like a male was actually a very mean old female, Well I tossed them in with my other 6 coturnix quail and some1 gave me a what they swore was a young male because they had too many hatch out. Also again ANOTHER female. lol I'd love to get some males [​IMG]

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