I knew this cat was no good.... UPDATE Men + Bud + Cat=LOL

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  1. wolftracks

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    Nov 6, 2009
    I've been chasing off a Garfield sized cat for a year now, since we moved in. It poops near my house and the smell of cat poop way off stinks anything my chickens and dogs have ever put out. I actually hunting my yard last summer looking for the pile to shovel out, because I could smell it inside my house.

    Today was the last straw. I went out late last night. Actually very early this morning to feed and water all the chicks in my brooders. I have 2x4 and hardware wire tops. Sometimes I can barely pry them up, but my husband had made them for me and I love them. I heard a noise outside and got a little paranoid. I finished added fresh feed and pushed the lids down and finally went inside. I was kind of hoping I was going to find my chicken thief and kind of hoping not. Locked the garage door, checked it to make sure it was closed good and went in the house.

    A couple of hours ago I took my nose away from the hatcher and went out to feed and water again. One brooder lid was slid off and that huge thyroid deased cat jumped out and ran past me. I ran to check my chicks and that fur wearing poop sack had killed or eatten most of my chicks. I'm still crying. I'm so mad right now I want to find it and shoot it! I've seen it hunched down in my yard when I let youngsters out to get used to the yard and I've thrown more rocks and pieces of wood that I can count. There were 36 chicks in that brooder and I think I have 11 left. I think it even sat it's fat behind on some and crushed them while it feasted.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to buy to take care of it. I'd buy something worth while, but I have a 5 year old grand daughter living with me that can figure out how to get into everything, so since my husband and I got rid of weapons when we got her, I need to find something that can do enough damage. I don't particularly like cats. I don't hate them...well right now I do, but I don't ever want one again. This cat has a death wish and I intend to make it's wish come true. I can hit anything I aim at, but I need something legal, simisafe, but string enough to make sure if I hit it in the ear it goes through. I'm so mad right now and I've even thrown up I'm so upset.

    Between people who have been taking my birds and this cat, I've lost a lot of money and a lot of birds I truely wanted. Like my blue AM roo that someone ripped the wood frame up on the coop/run and pulled through the hardware wire. I know it was a person because they were too stupid to put the nails into the right holes when they tried to put it back together like I wouldn't notice when I found my favorite bird gone.

    So I want to kill. What should I buy??????????
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    Mar 21, 2009
    Rochester, NH
    SSS comes to mind with this cat. he knows where the free lunch is at and will keep coming back for more when he knows you have refilled it for him again. [​IMG] i am sorry for your loss of chicks and chickens. [​IMG]
  3. Sylvialarry

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Northern Calif
    I'm so very sorry for your loss. [​IMG]

    My neighbors cat whom I call the cat from hell stocks my chickens too. I've found him or her in my yard many times. We have five dachshunds who do not like cats and everytime I see that cat in our yard I send all five dogs out. But that cat is so mean it turns around and fights with our dogs.

    We currently have electric wire running aound the entire coop and run. My husband is going to wire our entire back yard so if that cat tries to come into our yard he/she will get zapped. In the mean time I go out with the dogs and throw rocks at it to make him leave.

    I wish you luck on that mean cat.
  4. oesdog

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Sorry for your loss.
    Does this Cat belong to anyone or is it a wild cat?
    I mean much as I don;t like what it has done if it is some poor kids pet you don;t really want to be chopping it up when the kid comes looking for kitty do you?

    If it is a wild cat - then kill it. nothing else for it really. Just do it cleanly its not good to make it suffer as it was only being a cat after all. Its instinct and you cannot change that.

    The other thing you could do is look at your defence system. Your security needs to be a bit more tighter. I know its hard but in the end you have to make your pens safe and that means from that darn cat or any other preditor. If you get rid of this preditor you can bet your life another will come to take its place. Best thing you can do is secure your coops and runs. If your chickens are allowed to roam then you must factor in Preditor losses.

    I had to chase a big black cat out of my coop twice last week. - I know its my fault he got in. The wire is lose over the top of the pen so I need to get that sorted. The cat belongs to a neighbors kid so I can;t exactly blast the thing or there will deffinately be tears here. I have to do the same secure my coop and runs if I lose chicks or chickens its my own fault cause if the darn cat can get in so can a fox!!!!!

    Sorry again you lost your chicks but the cat was just being a cat -

    Oesdog [​IMG]
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  5. wpalmisano

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    Aug 11, 2010
    First document what happened. Call the animal control people, the cops, whoever will document things for you. Take photos. Once you have established a paper trail, shoot the son of a @%@& and drop it on the owners front step. I edited this for photo. I took this fox with a Crossman Storm XT 1000. It is a single shot 177. caliber air gun. Quiet and powerful. 109.00 @ Wal Mart. There will always be those who complain about the killing. I do not kill for sport. The fox and his kind were here way before me. This fox was on my land all winter. With 5 days left in fox season, he got his head in a pen and snatched a large drake. The story was in the snow. SO I DROPPED HIM. Took no pleasure in it, had to be done. He was actually beneficial, probably ate his own weight in rodents. However once he actually got a duck, it was all he could think about. That gun could drop a cat too. Look on Youtube.

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  6. Fiddlehead

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    May 12, 2010
    Western Mass
    gamo big cat pellet gun 1200 feet per second with pba ammo 1000 feet with standard ammo one head shot is all it will take trust me. about 130 bucks give or take. hope you kill it good hunting to you also sorry for your loss.
  7. DebbieF

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    Mar 2, 2011
    New Richmond, WI
    A .22 works well. A live trap also works. I prefer the .22 though.
  8. JHodgkins

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    Feb 4, 2011
    Awww Im so sorry for your loss. Check your city ordinances, ours states that if someones dog/cat kills any poultry, you are entitled to reimbursement!! You might want to look into it and figure out who the bugger belongs to and lay it on thick!!! If he belongs to no one...get rid of him;) Again, so sorry and hang in there!!
  9. austinandkara

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    You could call animal control-that is probably the easiest way. I'm so sorry about what happened to your chicks [​IMG] We had a neighbor's black lab get out of his fence and massacre over half of our free ranging flock. All the neighbor said was, "Oh, sorry, we need to build a new fence." I wanted to say, "no s*$%" but I just said okay.
  10. wolftracks

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    Nov 6, 2009
    I know it was just being a cat, but this thing is evil. I only have met 3 neighbors. Not a good neighborhood. I know it doesn't belong on one side of me and it stalks their doves. The other side has a cat. It's also a pest, but not like this one. I have had a couple of dumb birds fly over their fence, but the 3 Beagles got them. Not their fault and in their yard. Lady across the street has a cat and a dog, but this isn't hers. The only other close kids are down the street, but they beat the heck out of their own dogs, so doubt they'd miss a cat if it came up missing. Besides it's always here. I actually think whoever lived her before owned the cat. Would make since way after a year it keeps coming back.

    I'm not kidding when I say this thing is the size of Garfield. Only difference is it actually hunts. It's huge. The only reason I haven't killed it so far, is it hasn't been able to get hold of my birds (till today) and it reminds me of the cat my husband and I got my mom years ago that still lives with her boyfriend and and my brothers. Now though it's personal. The younger birds are never out without me, so hopefully I can continue seeing the beast before it ever gets one.

    I have driven into my own drive and had this cat hiss at me. Stand in front of my car. Look at me while I'm getting out of the care and poop by my front porch. It fears nothing. I have a GSD pup (pups aren't little) and a 6 year old Cane Corso. This cat will come into the yard and wait until they almost get to it and jump the fence to the alley. They hit that fence like a train and shake the whole 2 sided gate. I have a huge yard. The cat can find a way to even mess with my dogs. My Corso is getting old fast and I hate watching her try to chase it off. Thing is, my dogs are trained NOT to chase cats, but I send them on this one.

    OK I'm going to ask again. What do I buy? A BB gun would only wound it and cause an infection and even though it would died, it would suffer. Much as right now I wouldn't care, by the time I do get it I know I won't feel the same way. Would a pellet gun work? I don't know more than pellet or BB as far as toys are concerned. I could hit it with a 22 with no problem, but like I said before I can't go there right now.

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