I know, I know...not again...play ground sand vs construction sand???


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Aug 20, 2010
Long Island NY
ok...there are/were a couple of topics on here about sand in runs. I am picking up sand for my run in 2 days and have been reading everything I can to figure out what sand is best. I have read countless arguments for both sands...and just now I read something new that said playground is best b/c it's safe for the birds to eat (why???). My head is spinning.

So...please please..help me make the right choice

Thank you!!!
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If you are getting it from a construction supply co. AKA gravel pit you should get coarse washed sand I didn't but I will next time. If not then get play sand.
I read something new that said playground is best b/c it's safe for the birds to eat

It's all sand and they are all chickens

They won't care and neither should you, so get whatever is cheapest and most convenient for you​
I got bags of all purpose or general sand from home depot because I wanted the pebbles. I would get the playsand if it was strictly for dust bathing.
Thanks everyone for all your help.

Construction sand it is...and I'm not going to read anymore about sand.
I've heard that too...someone said, "well if its good enough for my kids, it has to be good enough for my chickens"

My chickens are on playground sand & eat it without any problems...I HATE the playground sand though & will be changing my run out, most likely in the Spring...my run is packed down really hard with the playground sand...I tried to dig it out with a shovel & could barely crack the surface on one part...As Joe suggested, I will be trying a more course, construction grade sand next

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