I know nothing (semi-lengthy narrative)

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    May 16, 2011
    Last week I got our first eggs from our eight 26 week olds.
    There in the nest area, right like the books said. And then
    there was an egg that was a different shade of brown and a third
    larger and we discussed it and figured what was going on.

    And I posted and boasted about how everything was going so right.


    We have 2 RIR's, 2 brown sexlinks, 2 gold penciled Hamburgs,
    and 2 brown shouldered Yokohamas. Yokohamas are ornamentals,
    slow to mature, not layers. Based on egg size we deduced the Hamburgs
    with their reputation as strong layers had started up, the larger egg probably
    came from a sexlink.

    Then I caught her (quite by accident) as I peeked into the nesting area.
    Geena, RIR. When she came out and I retrieved the egg it was a Hamburg egg.
    RIR should be laying a bigger egg according to the books.

    And after I had bragged that my birds were doing the nesting area thing so well
    I discovered I had a renegade. Misty, my other RIR was spending time seeming to hide
    in an overgrown spot by the fence. Then when I let them out one morning, instead of
    joining the others in the mad flapping dash across the deck she waddled off in the other
    direction towards her spot. After about 10 minutes she joined the rest, I checked and
    there was an egg... a "Hamburg" egg.

    I went through the next days searching the yard for hidden nests, none i can find.
    I would not put it past my dobies to eat a found egg but there should be remains,
    and I found none.

    I arranged some straw and shavings in Misty's "nest," what the heck, it's 6 feet from
    the coop and convenient, I'll compromise.

    My RIRs are laying daily, small eggs. A week ago there was a third egg, larger and darker.
    Where it came from I don't know. That variety of egg has not reappeared.
    Thought I knew what was going on. Bragged about it here.
    Just cause something is easy to do doesn't mean you understand what's going on.
    From now on I promise to fact check.

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    May 5, 2010
    sounds like you need some trap nests my friend!! see the trap nesting thread

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