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    ok so when my past fish tank filter started failing on me I asked my nana to go and buy me a filter from a garage sale and I would pay her back. she found a new one it came with 2 tanks, 2 filters and a stand once I replaced the filter with the one that had all its pieces I noticed it was a lot more powerful than the other (the tank was clearer in 1 hr) but the next morning it was making a grinding noise so I checked the fan looking thing that creates the suction that makes it work I found that one of my black tetra had been sucked through the pipe and choped into pieces! even though I was sad over the loss of a 1+ year old fish I moved on scince then I lost 1 other fish and gladly it was still alive when I found it but sadly had already had its stomach ripped open along with internal bleeding I could not save it but I only found out it was still alive when i had put it in the toilet! I did not flush it till I knew it was dead (I am against flushing them unless they are dead [​IMG] ) anyway leading up to what I needed to say I had after that last death of a 3 year old gold fish I put a net on the end of the filter so no more would get sucked in and about 45 min ago I found one of my other gold fish 2- years old had gotten stuck I quickly freed him only to discover that one of his eyes (on the side that was stuck) had been almost compleetly removed from the fish's head! [​IMG] his mouth has also been deformed so that he cannot make it move in the upper part. he is still swiming though but not right he is tilted on the side that is not injured and swimming aquardly and his fins are freyed badly (tail fins). what do I need to do? I understand its just a goldfish but after awhile like any other pet you care for you become attached to them and I woudl be very upset to lose him. [​IMG] I had cryed over the first 20 fish I had when they died (not long though) and my parents still do not understand why I get so upset when a fish dies but like i tell them I love my animals no matter what they are. anybody know what I should do? should I expect him to be swimming happily tomorrow or find him dead? and what should I do about his eye? should I put some medication in the water or just let nature take its course? any help is apreciated.
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    I am sorry for the loss of your fish. I don't think it is silly at all that you cry over your fish. I have before! [​IMG] I don't have much experience with fish medication,[​IMG] but if that fish is in his own tank the medication might be a good idea. He may die, but I think goldfish are pretty tough. Let us know how he turns out! And see if you can get the tank hazard free.
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    Quote:thank you for your sympathy I still get upset over my fish (often silent tears rather than bawling like i lost my dog [​IMG] like I did before) he is not alone though he is in a 10-15 gallon tank with 10 or less other goldfish and 3 tetra (like the one I lost [​IMG] ) I did recently get a $20 gift card for petco so I should be able to get some meds for him (and with luck the betta I have been waiting for [​IMG] ) thanks for your input!
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    Nov 18, 2011
    I would add some aquarium salt, and Melafix if you have it. You would be surprised at some of the things fish live through, I wouldn't give up on your goldfish just yet.

    You can also get some filter foam and cut a piece to cover the filter intake. You will have to clean it more than the net, but it should help to prevent fish from getting stuck to it again.
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    Nov 12, 2009
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    Sorry about your fish. You have too many for that size tank.
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    this morning his eye is back in its socket and he is swiming normally but his fins are still freyed badly and his mouth is still not in correct position. thanks for your support! and NYboy: I did not know I had to many fish inmy tank but I do not think that is the problem because I used to have over 50 large guppies (some reaching 2 inches long!) some were normal size for guppies and they reproduced often. but also at the time I had the other filter and this was 2 years before I replaced it. my dad thinks that the filter i have is for a 20+ gal tank I am not sure though. thanks for the advice!
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    Apr 15, 2011
    I cried when I killed my algae eater. [​IMG] The tank smashed during the night when a bust fell on it. He lived through that, but then I put him in a large, glass bowl in the bath tub overnight until I could get him a new tank in the morning. I didn't realize the tub got so cold in that apartment. In the morning, he was sitting dead in freezing cold water.

    I'm glad to hear your goldfish is doing better. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Punk-a-doodle: I feel for you because I find that every time I get an algea eater it ends up dieing because the water is to cold! but my water is only 60 degrees farenhight and it stays around that temp constantly if it goes lower it usually only goes to 58 and if it goes higher it usually only goes to around 75 or lower so again I feel for you it is sad when you lose one of those little guys. [​IMG]
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    Nov 12, 2009
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    Goldfish produce much more waste then guppies. A ten gallon can support only 2 to 3 goldfish that are small.
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    I am sorry for your loss. I do suggest you talk to the pet store and see what you can do about the filter problem.


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