I live in the thumb of Michigan & looking toincubate some eggs or day old chicks

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  1. I have incubated 15 and got 10 so pretty chicks and I fell in love at first sight. I am looking to incubate more about 20 or looking for 15 chicks day old plus I'm also looking for 2 to 3 turkeys for thanks giving & Christmas and that is going to be there names lol. The chicks I want them for layers & sitters so if anyone can give me a shout out at where to go . Name & numbers would be great . my e-mail is [email protected] I am looking for relaxed chickens , brown laying eggs , and great sitters. I'm not to picky about the colors of chickens but would love a roster that has red head & long black tail. I am new to all this and don't know what kind of roster to ask for . Also , I want white turkeys with big breast. Not sure what kind I'm looking for with them either. Right now I have Ophentons of different colors , thy are red , black & black with white spots on them . I know I must sound like a dork but I have no clue on what to ask for . The ones I got from a store in town had Americas they said but I'm not to sure but they are not nice chicks at all they are just yellow and not growing as fast as the other ones . Any help would be nice , hope you all enjoy the sun as I'm spending my day cleaning & washing clothes . I would rather be laying in the sun but gotta take care of the house work. god bless yah all.

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