I lost a chicky...


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Jun 14, 2008
N. IL.
I just got 32 meaties and a "free" one sent to me the other day.

They all seemed ok when they arrived but last night I noticed one that was a little droopy. I started giving it gatorade from a dropper and was looking in on it hourly today. I made mush from the food but it was so weak I couldn't have given it anything other than liquid and so I really made some soup with the mash and gave him a little. It would hardly open his eyes but there were a couple of times where it did, so I got hopeful he might perk up.

I went out today for 2 1/2 hours and came back and the chicky was gone.

I know it was a meaty bird and we were just gonna eat him in a couple of months anyway... but it's so hard when they are sooo small and so cute and so helpless. I can't believe how sad I'm am right now.

When I was caring for him and tending to him and speaking softly and kissing and petting him... all I could think about was how fragile life is and how in April about my heart attack and how life is so precious... and this is the first loss I've had since my heart attack... I just didn't think I would react this way. Before I would just be like, aw, a chick/en died and then throw it into the burn pile. This time me and my girls pet it and said a prayer and I can't believe how sad I am over this little chicky.

ok... so I'm weird... or something, right?
yes, you are weird, but so are most of us. We love you anyway. In fact, if you weren't weird, we wouldn't love you as much.
I think most people who raise meaties want to make sure that the birds have a really good life before they turn into dinner. This little one didn't get that chance.

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