i lost another chicken this morning!


12 Years
Oct 16, 2007
Chelsea, MI
last december, i lost a youngster chicken that had been born last summer and didn't know what went wrong. i have been told "these things happen" but still felt i had done something wrong. in that case, she just kept putting her head in a corner away from the other chickens and me. being new at this, i thought she was just being picked on so i put her in a nest box for the night - found her little body in the morning.

today, i went out and found another young girl (sister) dead. she seemed to have been having a problem with the older hens in january (broken feathers, low weight, etc.) so we put her in a cage in the garage for all of february. she thrived, got more feathers, so we put her with the rest of the hens in mid-march. during her "hospital stay" she did lay 3 really wierd eggs - all mushy, but eggs. i thought it was because she was a youngster, not even 1 yr old yet. she too started isolating herself and i found her all alone yesterday, in the shade under the chicken ramp.

i've recently read that layer crumble should not be given to hens until they are 1 year old because they can get kidney problems. might this be why i've lost 2 of the young girls, because we switched them to the adult layer mix when they were too young? this is too sad...


11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
I'm not sure if this is your problem, but you shouldn't feed layer pellets until they are laying. I would recommend going to a non-laying pellet, and supply oyster shells for them in a separate bowl so they can eat it if they need it. This will solve your feed questions, but may not solve your problem. Good luck!

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