I lost my chick Amy.


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
Grand Rapids, MI
I went out to visit my chicks about 15 minutes before bedtime and gave them some treats, got fresh water and closed up the coop for bedtime except for their pop door. I came back in the house and when I noticed it was dark and figured they had gone to bed, I went out to lock up the coop for the night. I peeked in as saw my 2 buff orps sitting all snuggled together on the roost, but no Amy. I looked around the inside of the coop and in the nesting boxes and no Amy. I then started looking around the yard and in the trees to see if she decided to roost somewhere else. I looked for feathers or other signs of violence and nothing. I have privacy fence all around my yard and they have never flown over it but I looked in the neighbor's yards anyway. No Amy.

I finally gave up and locked the other girls in the coop. I can inside and told my son that Amy had disappeared. He took a flashlight out looking for her and came back in a few minutes and said, "Amy is in the coop." WHAT! Where did you find her. "She was just in there." No way! We when back out and he shined the flashlight in the coop, and there is Amy, up in the framing of the coop roof, all by herself, roosting! Silly bird!
I was totally panicking the whole time I was looking for her. I would have really freaked out if I would have come out in the morning, opened the coop and found her there!
I was so scared when reading this.
But was relieved to find out she was okay. Funny you mention this, as I had that happen to me before. I can't believe how they can fool us sometimes.

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