I Love Craigslist!!


11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
Durant, Iowa
Okay, since I've become a teeny bit chicken obsessed (kind of like the Grand Canyon is a teeny little crevice) I put an ad on Craigslist that said I was looking for colored egg layers and would pay a fair price for healthy hens.

A wonderful woman called me who only lives about 25 miles from me, told me that she had a variety of chickens that she had raised, just wanted them to go to a good home, and would I like to come and get some?

Would I? Heck yes!

Wow, it was like Christmas!!

She had an old hog shed converted into a nice chicken coop, and there were all sorts of breeds there. She told me that the only ones I couldn't have were the black ones--Jersey Giants and another heritage breed that I can't remember because I'd never heard of it.

Here's what she gave me:

One buff orpington
One dorkling
Two silver laced wynadottes
Two RIRs
Two golden laced wynadottes
One that I'm not really sure what she is
and One Cuckoo Maran rooster

Talk about adding some color and variety to my henhouse--plus I can't wait to see if some of these girls might hatch out some Maran crosses, so I can get some super dark eggs. One of the golden laced marans is very, very broody, so this spring I think I might just give her a shot at the mama thing.

I'm still so jazzed about all of my new girls--and my new boy, too. So far he and Clay, my blue splash orp are doing okay--I picked this rooster of the ones she offered because she said he was very, very passive. She had a drop dead gorgeous copper maran roo she offered me who was attacking hens and roos left and right the entire time I was there--who I politely declined! LOL

I'm so jazzed about my expanding flock--can ya tell!?

Any suggestions as to what I can give this nice lady as a thank you gift for these lovely girls?

Wow! What a screaming deal! Gotta love CL for sure! That was so nice! Not sure about a thank you....many options. Something homemade? If you are crafty at all, you can go that route or?? Good luck with your new flock!
A gift card to a nice place to eat.

I had a man give me my first hens also. Him and his wife were thinning out his flock. I just love chicken people.

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