I love craigslist!

Mt. Baker Quail

12 Years
Dec 2, 2010
Ferndale, Washington
I got this for FREE on craigslist!
I wonder how many quail I can fit in it?

Mt. Baker Quail :

It is 48'' x 40''.

Then you have a bit over 13 square feet. If I am seeing the picture correctly, it is divided into two compartments of roughly equal size. So, that gives each group about 6.5 square feet of space. You could put one male and a group of females in each side. At one square foot per bird, you could conceivably put in 5-6 females with each male. This is a nice sized group. However, since the space is small, I would probably stay a bit smaller on group size and go with 4-5 females and a male on each side. (I am known for erring on the side of LESS crowding and more space per bird. I like 2+ square feet per bird with an absolute minimum of six square feet in any compartment, though I do have some males in housing slightly smaller.)​

Just cut out two doors on the side of the cage and keep the top latched. I would even screw it down, so you aren't tempted to use the top door at all.
I would leave the top door, but also put a side door on it so you don't have to open the top unless you have to. Oh, and I would take that wire on the sides off and put half inch. Great find!

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