I love days off.


Rube Goldberg incarnate
9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Western Washington
It allows me time to watch my birds. It always amazes me at how much it erodes the stress of the prior week. So I'm hanging out with the birds, working in the shop, and I look out to see something I've read about, but haven't seen.

My Tom is strutting his stuff, and one of my hens sits down for him.

Made my day to know spring has sprung around here.

That is all.
I totally agree.
My bird chores take forever because I usually find myself sitting down out there and hand feeding clover and dandelion leaves. I keep a frisbee out with the turkeys too. They aren't good at catching or retrieving, but they love to chase it!
I totally agree! It is such a stress reliever and when I tell ppl. this they look at me like....What! I think that boy is smoking crack!! But I make sure on my days off I get out there to the chickens and ducks as many times as possible.
About to go spend some time with the birds myself. I am going nest hunting! I found a guinea nest yesterday inside of a 5' box blade with hairy vetch growing over the top for cover. The turkey hens have been headding in the area of the pond everyday solo, so I know there is a nest somewhere in the blackberry thicket. It's like an early easter egg hunt.
I went nest hunting today also. Since we started picking up eggs the 1 hen that is laying stopped laying them in the one nest she has set up. Her new nest is in the outside nestbox, in the chicken run. Guess that worked out pretty well.

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