I love MissPrissy's soap


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Dec 16, 2008
Got some as a gift. Wow this is really some of the nicest handmade soap I have ever had/used.

I love the seeds you use too, perfect
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I got some from equibling and it was some of the most awsome soap I have ever used in my entire life. I still am useing it I bought 2 bars and they are lasting forever , I just started on my second bar.

Maybe Ill have to check out miss P's as well. what scent did you get.
I've always enjoyed going places and finding home made soap bars... I love the look and the different smells...

Some one posted on here how to make them didn't they?

Maybe I should try my hand at them.
I have been making soap for almost a year now. It is easy and not dangerous if your pour slow with the lye and stir the lye water slow to dissolve it. Never had any problems just use common sence. Hubby and I both have acne problems so I make a non scent soap and now add salt to have a salt bar. It has helps us out alot and so cheap to make since I only use 4 ingredents. I hope to next year start buying some fats local and start selling at the farmers market.
I've gone through my second bar of MP's soap. The rough texture feels
so nice on my skin.

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