I love my chicks


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Ontario, Canada
Just brought home 5 baby chicks this week. All laying hens, but 5 different breeds.They are so cute, i could just watch them all day long! They are two days old now and seem to be doing really well
They already have little personalities and are so funny!

Barred Plymoth rock is named "Bossy Betty", she is the leader of the pack, and the protector, whenever i put my hand inside the brooder she comes running to try and scare me off, too funny!

Black sex link is "wanda" she is so sweet and cuddly, she loves being held.

Columbian Rock is "Henny" she is very timid

Red Sex Link is "Chili" she is a crazy one, she always just falls over and goes to sleep, or when all the other chicks are sleeping she will run over top of them and wake them up as if she's shouting "HEY GET UP GUYS!!!"

New Hampshire is "Martha" she is just calm cool and collected

They do peck at their own feathers a lot, is this just normal cleaning ? Or should i be concerned? They are not pecking at each other, just at their own wings and backs.

I probably sound a bit crazy right ? I can't help it, they are just too funny.
:D sounds awesome! It is okay everyone is thinking those things about there chicks, but not everyone comes up with such great names for them!

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