I love my girls and their funny ways ** PICS **


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
Inside the coop the chickens have a rather large dog water bowl ( the kind you turn upside down ) anyway we fill it and clean it every couple of days - or as needed - the girls have found another place to get water LOL

inside the run I keep the hose wrapped up and hanging up - but I have been letting it drip - very slowly - after watching them pecking at it - I got to wondering what they would do if it had water dripping from it, so now when they want a drink they go to the newest water fountain


A happy hen is a dirty hen LOL the weather is going to be near 70 today and a few of the girls feel great in the sun - here is my little banty girl having a great time making a mess of her feathers


I never knew how fun having chickens could be - these girls always find a way to make me smile

Haha. My girls love dripping water from the hose. They go up to it to drink right after I have cleaned out and replaced the water in the water dishes. Aparently the cat dish is a hot spot too.

They are so clean and white! No fair! Everything is mud here.
I love them they are such geat layers they layed all during winter did not seem to bother them at all.
they also lay the coolest pinkish egg.

Believe me I have no idea how they stay so white and fluffy even the feathers on the feet and legs is staying in great shape.

these girls are lot friendlier than the silver laced cochins - always coming over to visit me and want treats

LOL Mine keeps herself anything BUT clean! She always has mud on her wings, LOL. I have even instituted "chicken bathing", but once I get her all dried off and back out there looking beautiful, she looks back at me as if to say "It took me a long time to build up my collection of dirt samples mom! And you made me smell too!! Thats not fair!!" About five seconds later she forgets the whole thing and comes over begging to be picked up. I am sooo pleased with what a sweetie she is!
Sorry to hijack, LOL
Everything is muddy here too.I hate to see mne look like they do right now but as soon as thye get all cleaned up and pretty then it rains again.IN a couple of months we will be crying for rain cause it will be so hot and dry.We are never happy are we.
my girls LOVE to play in the mud - I am really surprised they are as white and clean as they are - right under the hose is a little mud puddle that a few of the others were playing in - but the two girls in the pic figured they were not in the mood to get muddy and dirty.

I would not be brave enough to give any of my girls a bath - well maybe the little hen I might LOL

( dont worry about hijacking - when it comes to chickens we all love to talk about our flocks LOL


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