I love my hubby!

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  1. So today is my 30th bday [​IMG] and he took the day off to stay home with me...we slept in until 8:30am, he helped me make some quiche and now he's out working on my chicken coop! [​IMG]

    Too bad I have pink eye...LOL
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    haha happy birthday my husband calls it poop eye I got it so bad in december omg my eyes were swollen shut hurt and were literally oozing green stuff well my infant daughter had it too turns out it is a naturally occuring thing in babies...
  3. Yeah...I was at a conference last week and saw a lady with a hot pink/reddish eye...and thought, OMG!!! And tried not to touch my face/eyes and I washed my hands like 100 times! I wear contacts, too...so I can't get my contact in my left eye! I went to the eye doctor yesterday and he gave me drops that I have to do 4 times per day for 10 days...it does feel better but doesn't look any better!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's a wonderful day despite the eye infection. [​IMG]
  5. Quote:Thanks!!! The UPS guy just dropped off a box, too--so I have go out & see what I got (it's from my mom!)
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    Happy birthday!!!!

  7. [​IMG] For Hubby! Give him a thumbs up from me and a great big Happy Birthday to YOU!

    DH's was in Sept, his mom gave him cash so he bought a new WoW card and he says to me "Oh wow, when my subscription ends I'll know I screwed up" *snort* DH's problem isn't that he doesn't know the date of my birth... he's got that, hence noticing his cards date... he just doesn't realize when it IS the 13th... until his Mom or mine or Dad calls/stops by and says so and then the panic sets in. Which is actually rather amusing to watch. Tee hee. Really bad when he makes arrangements with his mom for her to take the kids and then doesn't realize until she's at the door to get that that today is the day... just thinking about the look on his face cracks me up.
  8. Quote:Thanks!
  9. Quote:Ha...my hubby is actually really good with that...but it helps that one of my sister's birthday's is the 17th and my mom's is the 28th--so he knows that when it's Alyssa's birthday, he's got two days! [​IMG]
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    Happy Birthday! [​IMG] Hope you get to feeling better soon, bless your heart.

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