I LOVE my Mouse Cat!!!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Bleenie, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Bleenie

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    I opened the front door and was headed out on the porch to grab something when I was scared out of my skin by nearly stepping on a GIANT RAT my wonderful mouser had left for me!!

    I had to take a picture because I knew my mother & sister won't believe me when I tell them! For reference, that is a size 8.5 shoe next to the nasty thing. I have been seeing holes coming into the coop for a few weeks now and was missing some eggs as well.

    I do believe my girl will be getting some wet food tonight! [​IMG] And the ducks may be getting put back on lower protien feed!!!
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    May 1, 2011
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    Does your cat have a sister? I could use a mouser.
  3. Bleenie

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    Too bad you're not closer, I am sure she does. I adopted her from an old farm that was kinda overrun with cats. Thankfully they started getting help with spay/neutering and giving them away. I went to pick up a young female kitten but adopted my "seasoned" girl instead and I am Glad I did!!!

    We have a Vole problem here and she's constantly bringing them up... Hopefully she will finish these monster rats off first.... I'm becoming convinced they're mutantly huge regular mice since I have never seen Rats here in 16 years!
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    Jul 19, 2008
    my cat will take on weasels and big rats also she will even catch snakes nothing really dares mess with her yet she is great with baby birds that i bring inside as long as they are chickens or pigeons that i have introduced to her, she will go after crows that try to mingle in with the chickens or pigeons she spots out a wild bird right away.

    the weasel thing is the biggest help they are so ruthless and relentless shes the only thing that will take one on other than my dog but my dog doesnt know they exist lol

    is yours a calico also?
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  5. Bleenie

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    Mine is a solid black girl. I used to have a Siamese and a Calico but we have a big coyote/raccoon problem here and both of our girls went missing. So the black seemed the best choice, especially since she prefers to hunt at night.
  6. TripTrapMtnHomestead

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    we are having a rat problem right now. are your mousers barn cats that stay out at the coop? and they don't mess with the chickens/chicks?
    we are thinking about getting one from the pound.
  7. animals1981

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    Jul 19, 2008
    if u get it from the pound get a female ask for a female thats had kittens already and his spayed try to get a pair of them ask for calico or tortie colored get a good sized female not fat but not skinny/scrany u want a cat with a strong muscle athletic hard build they are the ones that make great rat killers the pound might already know which ones are good hunters remember the more activy hyper the cat is with more spunk they usually make the best killers athletic cats are the best they never get tired and keep going and turn killing into a sport. THey wont kill your chicks you just need to teach them.

    All my cats have been good killers never killed my baby bantam chickens or pigeon chicks even the ones i bring inside that live with the cats. Cats are smart like dogs u teach them they learn fast what is part of the house what is not. Domestic cats have the ability to kill any chicken they want to from a tiny bantam chick to a standard they just grab its head and chomp on it, they are smart enough to associate birds with us though. My cats were great with baby pigeons that had spraddlw legs i had to bring in the house but they did kill a grouse that got in once. They learn fast what is wild and what is yours. You teach them quick. I have raised so many bantam chicks that were smalelr than a finch with cats that have killed weasels and even a cat that took out a full grown crow. Never underestimate how smart cats are. You will see when a wild bird like a sea gull or crow trys to mix with your chickens the high prey drive cats will pick it out right away and go after it.
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  8. Bleenie

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    There is a program here in WA and probably one similar where you are. They take in feral cats, get them all vaccinated & healthy and place them in "working homes" for free, as long as you provide shelter, food and necessary vet care(vaccines or if they get hurt). The other requirement is that they have to be adopted in pairs or groups.

    You can ask at the pound but i know the ones around here have mainly house cat-type kitties. and really it's hard to pick out a good mouse cat when you can only observe them in a small room or little window box. My cat was born, raised and lived outside but was used to people enough to go into the house for food and be petted for a second. She didn't leave my house for a month after i got her but the first day she decided to go outside she brought back a gift! She also warmed up to me a lot in that month.

    My girl was approximately 4yrs old when I adopted her, which worked out much better for me because she was already trained to hunt, used the litter box when she was inside but would also just go outside if the box was not set up for her(i pack it away after the freezing is over), very low maintanence personality as well. She's a bum in the house but once she's outside she's a different kitty, I have even caught her up on the roof before(sunning or hunting birds).

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