I love my *new* sebright!


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Mar 20, 2009
Today after the barn my mom said we were going back to the chicken lady for a couple more...
So we went over, looked at the chickens, looked especially at the black australorps, and then went to buy. One black australorp chick, and one barred rock chick, guaranteed hens. And...
The lady had sebrights.
Month old golden sebrights. My mom asked if I would like to buy one for $10...and it all goes downhill from here.
If she'd at least told me beforehand there'd be sebrights, I might've held up..

Anyways, the way it's going I might end up like those poor people with a poultry problem.

Edit;; Definite cock, now Galadriel is Gil-Galad...I know now where the word 'cocky' comes from, haha. I think I'll need to hold him even more to keep him from bullying the poor exhausted pullet...
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They're just beautiful.
I'm looking forward to seeing how Galadriel grows up.
So yours are friendly?
I'm also a poor person with poultry problems. I'd love some Sebrights but everyone keeps telling me what a pain they are to keep and breed. I've heard that they have a poor fertility rate and a high mortality rate.

As long as the chick is eating and drinking I wouldn't worry too much about it.
I've read a few things on here about sebrights, and all I've found is that they're more susceptible to Marek's and don't have good fertility, but people raise them the same as their others.

Yeah, she's definitely fine now. This morning she was walking around and eating like normal, I'm not worried about her now at all.
Haha, in your bathroom? That's great!

Gladdie spent most of the day doing school-work with me, definite shoulder chicken here.

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