I love my old book store

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    In my town there is an old bookstore , Klindts booksellers , its a gorgous store thats been locally owned and operated it is in a Historic building, The place is wonderfull and the people are awsome , I have had them do intensive serches for out of print books they had to ship in from diffrent places and they never charge extra , they have a room for kids books and educational toys , well they have authers come in and do signings of there books they love show casesing local artiest / authers, not only do they have the books and the signing bt they always provide coffee and cider or punch and cookis and donught holes and things like that , well yesterday they had Amy Roloff in to sign her New cook book ,( Amy is one of the stars of TLC's show Little people big world ) the proceeds of witch go to charities so me and my son walked down there and bought the book and met her she was very nice and was wonderfull with my son,

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