I love my roo.


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Ok I recently got an old english game bantam roo from this guy and he gave me a hen with him to.I noticed that the hen was extremly old becouse she had spurs and has some issues with her head.But I love my roo becouse he hasnt even tried to mate with her(dont call me crazy)becouse she is soo old and it would probly hurt her.He lets me pick her up and him.He is very gentle and always shows her where the food is and always lets her have the tomatoe that I throw in the pen.When I let my corgi out today she went to investigate them and you should of seen him!!He started making these threatning noises and puffed himself up and started hop-skipping to my dog.She was so afraid of him and ran away
.When I brought my chicks out today and showed him he started strutting like a proud rooster.I just know he will be an awseom roo to all my hens


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Washington State
Isn't it great when you finally get a great rooster! We have one at the moment he is an EE and he snuggles his hens at night with his wings out open covering a few and he always sounds the alert when i come "hey the lady with all the snacks is coming" and all the hens come running. or if he finds a worm he always gives it to whatever hen he is trying to win over. he also loves being held and lets my 18 month old son pet and hug him.


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May 11, 2009
Jefferson City, MO
So does a 6 week old rooster who has always been friendly and curious and a little jealous of attention... stay that way? We love "George" (named after the curious little monkey, of course) and have from the very beginning. Although we will be butchering the majority of our roosters in about a month, we plan on keeping a few around. I would love to keep George but I sure would hate for him to turn all nasty on me.


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Northern Va.
The first chickens I ever had were 2 white silkie pullets and 1 OEGB cockeral. They were hatched at the school where I was teaching and I brought them home when school ended. I retired that year and I was anxious to get started with my fantasy of being a "farmer". LOL Anyway, when they were about 4 - 5 weeks old and I would come out to retrieve them in the evening, I would pick up my 2 white ladies and "PeeWee" would jump on my head and ride into the house that way. He did it every evening!!! I fell in love with his personality. OEGB's are the best!!!!

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