I LOVE our new boy!!Here he is again...what age can they get hormonal?

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    "Chobee"...named from where we got him has been SUCH a blessing! Our other roo made everyone so scared to go in the backyard or even near the fence! He was BAD...but Chobee...our sweet Coronation Sussex...is such a gentle giant. He is so go with the flow as sweet...he just moves out of everyone's way and i can't get enough of his waddle when he tries to "run" with the girls when i open the door to come out them [​IMG] (spoiled much?)

    curious at what age the go through a little hormone rage? He's only 7 maybe months i think or 8...but i know my other showed his butt far earlier...tks for looking!


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    Jun 21, 2011
    Such a beauty!! Congrats!!
    My JG roo is about the same age as Chobee an [​IMG] He's been great! Now my OEGB an d'Uccle roo the same age... their a different story.. their horrible!
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    He's a handsome fella!

    My SLW was a jerk before he turned four months. He hit puberty and got WORSE and never got better.

    Larger breeds take six to eight months to hit puberty, so there's still a chance he might get a little crazy. My orps go wild for a couple of weeks or so and then settle back down. By wild I mean that they started flaring at the other boys and dancing for the girls. Sometimes they'd even dance at ME! (Then act all outraged when I stalked them around the yard in retaliation)

    But they never got as bad as that stupid SLW. I think if your guy were going to be like your first roo, you would have seen evidence by now.

    Good Luck!
  4. Mama2B&D&...Chickens

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Plant City, FL.
    Thank you! Wish I had a better full shot...he's HUGE and has the prettiest tail but needs a bath to wash that poo off the front of him when he was in quarentine [​IMG]

    That's so comforting! I really hope so...he's so zero aggression and the funny thing is he's seen me from across the way (doing yard work or somethin and then i just check to look at them...) and if he was mid mount..he'll stop like...MOOOOM! haha. I'm just glad the kids and people can go in the backyard now besides me, he almost steps aside to "let" them in...did i mention i'm in LOVE [​IMG]

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    Oct 27, 2011
    very handsome
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    Beautiful rooster. My current welsummer rooster named baby boy is so sweet, he is about 1 yr old, you can pick him up, scratch him, do just about anything to him, he seems to like it. The other welsummer rooster I had was just mean, mean, mean, he went to the sale when baby boy got about 5 months old. Baby boy has been hand raised and messed with since he was hatched out, guess he may think he is a pet not a chicken. But he does his roosterly duties and produces some beautifuk chicks with his girls, he does not tolerate the girls fighting, and so fas has not been mean to the younger rooster that is to be his back up in case anything happens to him. The younger rooster is 6 months old, also doing his roosterly duty with the girls, Little man has his own small harem of younger pullets.
    Their only conflict in the chicken yard is the turkey tom, who does not like the roos anywhere near the turkey hen, so the males keep their girls in their areas.
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