I love seeing all your pictures, So here's some of mine. [Pic Heavy]


7 Years
Apr 12, 2012
Chickens on the ride home in the car, Haven't been home yet.
This is my favorite Ameraucana I named it peepy, My sister in law calls it chipmunk.

A few days old. This is the Silver Laced Wyandotte, We had to give him away to a lady on a farm because he was oh so clearly a rooster at 3 weeks.

Here he is again, He would have been my favorite. Very lively and loved people- but very mean to other chickens.

Buff Orpington. 3.5 weeks old. She's very docile, very curious, and very hungry. I am no longer allowed to wear green nail polish because she follows me around to bite my toes.

A bad picture of my favorite Ameraucana at 3.5 weeks

Bought two more chicks to replace the Silver Laced Wyandotte. Here's buff at 4 weeks meeting the gold sexlink- two days old. She was trying to sit on her.

Gold sex link and Cuckoo marans, Best friends forever. They don't like people so much no matter how hard I try. And if you separate them, they scream bloody murder.

These guys are never more than a few inches apart or they start crying.

Buff loves having her picture taken, but she always makes this same pose.

Found this in the coop this morning. C'mon guys, you let it crawl out of the ground, molt, and now it's just sitting there.

Gorgeous, 7 weeks old named Peepy or Chipmunk depending on who you ask, Still my favorite bird.

The other Ameraucana. This one is named Dumb Chicken because my husband picked her, she was the biggest and ugliest one but she's turned out okay. She doesn't like being held so much. Probably upset about her name.

peepy and the little ones

Dumb chicken

Bein' cute

Hope you like them.
Pretty Chickens. The Buff Orp will go after green toe nail polish, but not the green bug?!!!

I just don't get it! Also I just put some green beans and squash- lightly steamed and then cooled to room temp- and none of them want anything to do with it.
Love the picture of the chicken and bug.

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