I love them


9 Years
Jan 17, 2011
I think I may be a weirdo but I do love my girls! They are pet hens and I think they are sweet and I have fallen in love with them!
wow, that's good to hear. continue loving your girls and they will love you back.
You are not weird. I tell my husband "I love my chickens " every day ! lol

Yesterday morning, I cooked his bacon, then he thought he was getting scrambled eggs . ...

he had a fun time at the shop telling all the guys how the chickens got his breakfast !
I love mine too! They are totally my pets! I've found a lot of people dont get it and think they are "just" chickens, but not the people on BYC!
Enjoy your pets!
Yes I really fell for them too, They are only a month old and all 17 of them have there own personalities . they are a lot of fun!! Love my Chickens
I know what you mean I tell my husband the same thing...I tell everyone that wil listen (and those that won't--too) lol about my "girls" I just love them...and only have had them since Fri 5/20--can't imagine what it will be like in a few months--when they are older and bigger...!!!
I have 16 and a gf of mine is giving me two more pullets in a few weeks.

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