I may have a broody mess on my hands!!

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    ok, I will try not to ramble....

    I have an 18 month old Columbian Wyandotte who has gone broody. Not a problem. The problem is, is that she is sitting approximately 20-30 eggs, and we do not know how long she has been on them all, AND all of our other darn hens go into her nest box when she goes out to eat and go potty and lay their eggs in the nest box, soooooo they are all different dates.

    The other thing is that when she first went broody she was swinging between 2 nest boxes until I took all the eggs out of one of them. Those were disposed of after, although they were growing embryos. [​IMG]

    Now my problem is that I don't know how long to let her go. She has been on the eggs for about 3 weeks, if not longer. I am worried that either there are going to be rotten eggs that are going to bust open and stink up the joint [​IMG].

    Just haven't been in this situation before and don't want to kill any babies that maybe close to hatching or whatever. [​IMG]

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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    It's a little late... Sharpies work great for dating eggs....

    I'd probably just let her go, hope some hatch and she gives up on the rest to raise the babies... and hope none explode. But you need to keep the others out of her nest -- and it's nearly impossible to move a broody at this stage. Can you possibly move the others, just til you get some chicks?

    Lots of times the broody will dispose of any that die and start smelling.....
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    Just let her hatch out a big batch of fuzzybutts, then it'll be easier to dispose of the others.
  4. Yep, I agree with ddawn, a little late to be doing anything about it now. Our hens that go broody and then have other hens lay their eggs with them, will set on the eggs. Then when hatching starts they will generally sit for about 3 days while eggs hatch. After that time they have to get off the nest to help the hatched ones eat and drink. If there are still eggs in the nest then they will usually go bad at that point. Any left overs are tested for live chicks and if so are put into our brooder for hatching. Any questionable eggs are thrown out. Next time you have a broody either seperate her or at least mark the eggs you want her to hatch. That way you can pull out any extras each day.
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    I had five broodies at one time with other hens laying eggs in their nest. It was fine for a while. finally three of the hens hactch single baby. (good for the broodies). Problem the last broody was left with the throw aways. (not good) You really need to mark the eggs when a broody begins to set, because you never know when you will get a donor. (or three) [​IMG]

  6. Judy

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    I ALWAYS either collect or mark every egg when I have a broody. Not that hard, and saves a lot of trouble later. Usually the broody does her setting in the same coop as they are all in, and the eggs move around amazingly. As do the hens, as another poster said.
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    Let her hatch out a bunch, then if you have access to an incubator, you could finish off the rest.

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