I may have just brain damaged my rooster!


11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
Peoria, IL
He came after me when I walked past him with a bucket in my hand. I swung the bucket at him intending to scare him away. Except he didn't run, and I clocked him in the side of the head! He shook it off and ran away. Now he's terrified of the bucket! LOL!
At least you know what to take with you into the run to keep him away.
I'd like for him to be more afraid of me, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to do a lot more damage before that happens. He's pretty persistent. A friend of mine told me that now I should put buckets all over the yard and let the fun ensue.
Ive hit my rooster with
a bucket
a shovel
a flip flop
a frisbee
a water bowl
a foot, booted him a few feet away

and the best, the best was a bag of salad. Slapped him up side the head when he came after me and he stepped back and shook his head a couple times , looked at me and walked away.

Ive never hit him hard enough to hurt him but dang, those spurs hurt even thru jeans.

One of the better things that works for me, if I can catch him when hes attacking me, is to hold him down like he does to the hens, for several minutes. Its a dominance thing.
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Have you ever tried carrying a spray bottle filled with water and spray him when he comes after you? That worked for us with our roo.
We've used the super soaker with limited success. He doesn't care much if we shoot him in the body, so we aim for a head shot. That usually gets him to go away. He typically doesn't mess with us if we're carrying anything, because we have a history of whacking him with whatever we have available (although I've never tried a bag of salad... LOL!). We usually carry treats for them or the compost pile (which they have access to) in buckets, so he had no reason to fear them - until today. Hee Hee!

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