I may have overlooked Spraddle Leg! What to do?


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I have a 5 week old chick who MAY have spraddle leg that got "missed". She is on of my "sick chicks" from MM and has been in the hospital brooder with the other 7 sick ones. I thought it was just the AE, but now I am wondering if it is spraddle leg!

She, like the other sick chicks, is MUCH smaller than her healthier siblings. She still is only feathered out like a chick of 2 weeks old (and probably about the size of a 2 week old).

She only has trouble with one leg (her right one). It sticks straight out in front of her most of the time. She has trouble walking (but again, thought it was the AE) and last night she got trapped in the feeder! I felt so BAD when I came downstairs this morning and heard her cries for help. Talk about guilt!!!

My question is...does anyone think it could be spraddle leg? Is she too old to do the Band aid trick? Also, I am pretty sure that she has been affected by the AE (because of her size and she does shake her head like the others) would splinting her make it even MORE difficult for her to walk?

Wow, this chicken thing is tough!


Chris in Spokane
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that sounds to me as though it might be a slipped tendon ? You could try the spraddle legg treatment and also I would advise you to give this particular chick a supplement (Avia Charge 2000 and biotin) but if it is a slipped tendon the only "cure" may be trip to an avian vet familiar with the surgical procedure to correct it.

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