I might be given a turkey who wants to be a mom

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by HeatherLynn, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Ok so our local wildlife rehab lady has a couple hens and a turkey. She won't use their eggs and they cost a bit to feed. The turkey is so tame it sits in her lap but this was a wild turkey that was turned in as a baby. No way as tame as it is now that it can be released. So she knows I have my chickens and run so she thought maybe I could offer her gal a permanent home( I have to promise not to eat her). Anywho she also seems to be a broody turkey if there is such a thing. There are no males with these 3 gals but that does not keep the turkey from setting on everyones eggs. She is going to think about it tonight. She has too many residents as is and this would cut down her work and cost load.

    So can I take a former wild turkey who is now tame who wants to be a mommy and find somewhere fertile turkey eggs? Will turkeys take care of their babies if I give them a proper place? What would be a proper brooding area for a turkey. Anything special I need to know about turkeys? I have only done geese, ducks and chickens at this point. Where would I get fertile turkey eggs? Will the wild turkeys here try to lure her away from my run? While she considers the situation tonight I am going to be researching.

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