I miss my duckies so much!


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Mar 29, 2017
Brenham, TX
I've been on 'vacation' (a work trip) since May 28th and will not be leaving until July the 19th. We left our four ducks, Astrid(f), Dupont(m), Max(m), and Pistachio(f) back home with their grandmother and their 13 chicken friends in a coop. They are all 'big ducks' now but I had to miss Pistachio, our youngest, get bigger and start to quack. 52 days without my ducklings! I also discovered that I am pregnant, and so that probably makes me want to 'nest' with my ducks even more. I hope that time goes by quickly so I don't have to miss my animals (including my bunny) any longer. Never again am I agreeing to this length of a vacation. After a while, it stops becoming refreshing and starts to become a hell hole, since where I'm at is a very small town with no restaurants... like none, only the town bar, and diner. No Walmart, only a tiny town grocery where the prices are sky high. I miss civilization :(

Fanci Feathers Marans

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Jun 26, 2017
Sounds like my kind of place. I guess that's not very helpful, though. Our pastor and his wife moved here from Springfield, and they had kind of the same reaction. "Where's my McDonald's?" The town wakes up a little earlier, too. I'm sure it's messing with your sleep schedule.
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