I moved our first time broody hen...


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Apr 13, 2011
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I just moved Dolly & she is MAD! I put her in her little pet taxi with her eggs & she wants nothing to do with it. She's walkin' around all puffed up cluckin' somethin' at me. Should I give her a lil' bit to get settled or should I move her back? HELP please!
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I have not had much success moving a broody. I ended up giving in to her and letting her move back to her original nest. Broodies can be very, focused and intent once they make up their mind about something.

You might try moving her at night. She at least will be stuck in the new nest until daylight and maybe by that time she will decide that it's not so bad after all.

Good luck.


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Sep 20, 2009
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I've had fairly decent luck moving them. One just would not move but the other 3 did fine!! I had totally seperate coops to put them in where they stayed with there babies for a few weeks!! You might wanna give her a little time and see if she settles down. Good luck!

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