I must be crazy - ordered 25 chicks


10 Years
Jun 21, 2009
Okay - So Chickens are like potato chips and you cannot have just one.....MPC had that free shipping all pullet variety pack and I ordered it.......Now I know I am crazy because I have NEVER had more than 6 chicks at once and I have NO idea where and what I am going to do about them plus I sort of purposely forgot to tell my husband about it. I do have my Mom's RV parked next to the house and I am thinking I could stash them in there.....o boy am I in trouble Ethel!

So how much harder is it to raise 25 than 6?

Did I mention I have:
1 GLW with three chicks ( 1 SLW Roo, 1 SLW Pullet, 1 half BR/SLW Pullet)
1 SLW Roo
2 SLW Hens
1 Barred Rock
2 Bantam Black Cochins Pullets
1 Barred Cochin Roo
1 Black Cochin Roo
1 Bantam Phoenix Pullet

coming Tuesday 25 more
Coming in August 2 Copper Marans, 1 Cuckoo Marans, 1 Partridge Cochin, 1 bantam Frizzle, (and I got 4 more bantams but I don't remember what kind because bantams ship in 5's)

Oh and I have two coops, a big run, 5 acres, a ton of pallets

Yes I think I am certifiably Chicken obsessed!
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Apr 17, 2010
My goodness you'll be spending all your time shoveling tons of poop. Where are you going to put it all? Yes you are in deep doo doo. You got some splaining to do. DH will do some grumping but when he sees how cute they all are he will get over it. Hee hee hee good luck.


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Feb 28, 2010
DFW, Texas
You have my sympathy. My DH knows about mine. You can't see incubators full of eggs on the counter and not know chicks will be coming in 21 days. Now if he will just finish getting the brooder shed ready. They're hatching! *HUGS*
: Angelique


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Jun 13, 2010
West Virginia
Ha! I totally understand about the 25 chicks! We are just trying to get started and that deal is so much cheaper than ordering just a few! We're thinking about ordering and then listing what we can't keep for sale locally. A lot of poop huh....


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Apr 29, 2010
Rockport, Tx
I wanted 4
I ordered 11
they sent me 21.
I'm blaiming it on fuzzy chicken math, not me- it was 'them'.....

My theory is, if you have to clean a little poo, you might as well have enough to make fertilizer!


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Sep 7, 2009
Southeast texas
Heck i though 25 was a standard order
besides ya got 5 acres ,got to get enough chickens so you can claim AG on your land,will save ya a ton on taxes.

Don't forget them eggs they are good to eat and you can hatch your own chicks later and save that way also

Oh and ya can explain to him how the hands free chicken insecticide work.

It's all a win win situation if ya ask me
I mean come on ya got the land and coop and we ain't talking about a new car or something realy expensive, you need these!!

OK i will shut up, looking foward to see photos of the little ones.

PS: you could aways say that mom left eggs in the RV and they hatched in all this heat, course that would be telling a lie, I would never reccomend that.



10 Years
Jun 21, 2009

Thanks - Yeah I am nuts. I think I will craigs list some of the chicks. I don't mind cleaning up poop or feeding them. It was such a good deal and I really did want to get a few more....I wasn't planning on 25 more. Had I done the order with the few I wanted it cost 3X more so ..... Oh Lucy! I do have some splainin to do. People are posting all the time about their orders of 25 I just thought it wouldn't be too much harder. I used to run a group called Mothers of preschoolers and the mom's with 4 or more always said the first 3 were hard and after the 3rd it all just fell into place.


Yes I will post the pics when they come.

Had another question: It has been soooooo hot here 100 days I was thinking about maybe keeping them outside. But I guess I will need a heat lamp for night time. I will probably be camping outside too when they come! Anyone keeping baby chicks outside w/o a broody hen?

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