I nearly broke my neck yesterday!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by bantymum, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Gidday friends,
    Ive been flat on my back so havent been here, ive been in hospital as when I went to come down the 6 steps out the back my "gammy leg" from MS decided not to work so I went for a huge stack!!!This is the 3rd stack that i have had in a few weeks so im getting sick of falling!!
    Anyhow I phoned health first who are an advisory medical service run by nurses, I only phoned to get advice as to hot or cold packs, they chatted about my symptoms and I realised that my collarbone was swollen and bruised so they told me to wait here while they sent an ambulance!!
    I was flat on a board all day waiting for xrays which showed a minor fracture.
    Then tonite I ran out of petrol in the dark and the lady at the petrol station wouldnt even lend me a jerry can to go and refuel my poor car!!!a lovely lady with a jerry can in her truck saved me!!!
    Wow its good to be alive!!!!and home in my bed!!!
  2. Sherry

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    Apr 8, 2007
    Southern WV
    Ouch! Glad it was nothing worse. Feel better soon!
  3. Thanks Sherry, My muscles are starting to tense up and im sitting here with a heat pad on my neck, i dont need this pain right now, ive got to finish my new pen!
  4. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    Oh Banty, you poor dear!! Please take it easy for a few days. Your body needs time to heal before you get back out there to work on the new pens. I know you feel they Have to get done....but if your reinjure yourself...it will only be longer untill they get done. I can't believe that old biddy would not help you with your petrol. Jeesh! She is setting up for bad karma. Glad there was someone there to help. Be carefull....take small steps...and please let yourself heal before taking on projects!!
  5. bayouchica

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    Jan 23, 2007
    N.E. Louisiana
    Oh Bantymum so sorry to hear that, you take it easy now. Give your body time to heal. [​IMG] I do hope you feel better soon.
  6. okiechick57

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    [​IMG] OH geesh....so sorry to hear about your week......... like mine...........stuck IN house due to asthma attack.....celebrated the 4th here in the hospital getting pumped with all kinds of meds............ I pray your doing better and able to get going soon.............but don't rush it.......we need time to heal..........I am feeling "normal" today , doc said when I feel normal I can go outside.....well little did he know I have NEVER been normal [​IMG] I need to mow..........its a foot high now since all this rain....... [​IMG]
  7. SpottedCrow

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    Hope you're feeling better soon, Banty and Okie.
  8. Thanks Beautiful people, I didnt think to rest up, maybe ill have to try and rest, im not the type to just sit aroud, oh well I can always sit here all day and post pics and answer all your posts, Ive nearly finished the coop, i just have to thinl of something to put at the front, ive done the sides and floor and roof out of marine ply!! which I got for free, ive heard that marine ply is worh a fortune!!I dont know as Ive never tried to build a boat yet, not planning on going for a cruise!!
    Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts, im feeling pretty good today, sorry to hear Okie chic is having a rough time too, hugs to you and get well soon,
    Love to you all
  9. ozark hen

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    Apr 4, 2007
    Mansfield, MO
    Okiechick and Bantymum---so very sorry to hear you two are down. Please, follow medical orders or you will just have a setback. I wish I were near you Bantymum/Okie I would be glad to pitch in and help you all out to lighten up your worries about things getting done.
    Bantymum, I was wondering what was up as I saw you were gone again. You must take care of yourself.
  10. Oh Thanks Carrie, I just visited your page, my you do not look a day over 45. You look lovely!!!
    Have fun with your brood and watch that tractor!!!

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