I need a forever home for my Silver Appleyard drake.

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    Sep 8, 2013
    ~~I have 4 ducks. My problem is I have 3 drakes and one hen. :/ They all got along fine until a month ago. My black Indian runner drake and my Ancona drake still get along just fine. However the Silver Appleyard drake fights and even took a chunk out of the Ancona. (he is healed and is OK now) It is winter, and I do have a heated shed but now I have to keep the Silver Appleyard separate from the other 3 ducks. He is beautiful but he simply will NOT quit fighting the other 2 drakes. I want to find him a good home. A home where he will be safe but where he has hens. Someone told me to get more hens. Unfortunately, I cannot do that. I do not have the room. I really like my ducks but not the fighting. Can anyone tell me how to find a home for my Silver Appleyard drake. His name is Blue Nites... I hate to advertise on craigslist, I am afraid he will be eaten or abused. He was March "baby", so he is 11 months old. Thanks to anyone for the help... I tried to post a pick but it would not post...:( There is a summer picture of my duck in my Avatar. Blue is the duck on the far left...(I think he is beautiful)...
    I am in Indiana and will certainly wait until Spring to make this move for him...

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    Jun 5, 2010
    do you still have your baby duck, where in indiana do you live?
  3. Hi

    I don't see a reply yet ...
    I'm in Indiana also -- I would be happy to help you out.


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