I need a friendly/docile laying/pet hen. In CT, MA, or NH.

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    Jun 10, 2008
    My cousin is in the process of building her first chicken coop. She wants a variety of laying hens/pets. Not being a chicken person myself, I have done some research and think that Faverolle or Cochin (frizzle), or silkie would be suitable. I also think Tophats are beautiful. Although I am open to other breeds that are docile, tame, and friendly.

    I will be driving from my place in NYC to my Cousin's house in NH. I am looking for a hen that I can pick up along the way. So anywhere between NY and NH. NY, CT, MA or southern NH.

    I am looking for only one, as a birthday gift. I am looking for someone relatively local who would be willing to sell me just one hen. If you do not have any available, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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    Please email me at meoser@hotmail.com
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