I need a home made substitute for Blu-Kote


14 Years
May 3, 2008
Nashville, TN
My poor polish banties are getting plucked to death at night. I forgot to get the Blu-Kote at the feed store. I wont be close to the feed store again until Friday.

Does anyone know of any home remedy to save them from being plucked?
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Gential violet. Hoping I spelled that right! Sold at the pharmacy, and I usually have to ask for it because it's kept behind the counter. They'll know what you mean if you call it that and say the stuff that turns stuff bluish/purple! It is what gives Blu Kote it's blue coloring. Warning, it WILL STAIN HANDS!
And you can try separating the ones that are doing the plucking, or just the ones that have been plucked. A bit of chicken wire within the coop and run will be enough. You just need a barrier between them. Chicken wire OUTSIDE of the run or coop though, not a good idea because coons and whatever else can break through it!
Some people use tea tree oil or Vicks Vapo rub. Also, pine tar used for horses' hooves is supposed to work, but messy, of course.

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