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    Jul 19, 2011
    I have been looking all over For rare breeds, and I have been just begging for some Black Marans. Not Black Copper, but Black Marans. I was at our county fair one year, which is stupid because Our 4H doesn't show birds and our fair never does any livestock, but instead has this big stupid farm come every single year and display their animals. (I would really like to change that so that all of the county can display their animals, any way i can?) And I remember seeing these huge chickens, I thought they were the biggest chickens ever. This was the first year I had gotted my chickens and My mother kept kicking me, "You should get them things." So I asked the lady and she said, They are Black Marans.
    At the time The only breed of chickens I knew existed from books and my chickens were Barred Rocks, RIRs, Silkies, And Leghorns. I didn't even know Marans came in like 10 colors. Well, I need a list of HATCHERIES so that I can go check them out. ALso if you know any hatcheries where I can find Black Marans, Please Let me Know.
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