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    Aug 21, 2015
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    Hello! I really need people's help and opinions about my topic. To start off, I have 4 chickens...well...HAD four chickens...a bulldog got inside the coop during the day and killed them when my parents were at work and I was in college classes. This happened December 8th of 2015. I balled my eyes out. I was devastated for weeks and still am. How is it possible for a **** bulldog to get passed an electric fence, and break through HARDWARE-CLOTH?! (Yes it is buried 2ft underground too, to prevent trying to dig under) Not just Bulldogs, but snakes HAVE been getting through my hardware cloth holes. The tiniest holes. Is there such thing as aluminum fencing with holes smaller than hardware-cloth? My parents and I are at our wits end. We have spend hundreds of dollars doing the absolute best we can to prevent predators from getting in. If this happens again I think we have no choice to just out poison out to prevent predators. But is there any places that sell wired strong fencing that has smaller holes than hardware cloth? And 10X's stronger?

    Sorry for preaching...this had happened numerous times. I'm tired of it!

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    So sorry you lost your flock.

    Did the dog tear through the hardware cloth or pry it open? What gauge and what size hard ware cloth did you use? We used 19 gauge, 1/2" with no predator breaches.
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    Can you post a photo or two of the coop? ...the wire and the breached spot?
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