I need a side dish (casserole) fit for a senator!

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  1. We're hosting a state senator for a BBQ lunch (at work) this Tuesday. Our department is in charge of side dishes & casseroles Most of our department doesn't cook--so three of us are making dishes.

    The meats are BBQ (smoked) chicken and BBQ'd ribs. The other two people in my department are making baked beans & loaded, mashed potatoes.

    I was thinking macaroni & cheese but it's kind of expensive for the cheese....

    Any ideas? I have to make three or four BIG pans of whatever it is...
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    Looks like you all have the starches covered -- what about a big, green tossed salad? Several kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, simple vinagrette dressing.
    Or even cole slaw? or a broccoli salad? Something green to add color to the menu.....
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    Salads go well! I love the leaf lettuce salads and put the stuff on the side like you see in buffets, each person can pick out the accessories to go with their salads, some are on a diet, etc.
  4. Three other departments are doing salads...
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    Pasta salad? Or are they already doing that?
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    You're right about mac and cheese being expensive to make that much of, but that DOES sound good. [​IMG]

    What about a cheesy rice bake of some sort? Scalloped potatoes (possibly with ham)? Corn casserole?

    Do you need a sweet side of some sort? Strawberry pretzel salad/dessert, any other jello type thing...orange jello/mandarin oranges/cool whip...sorry, I don't eat the jello stuff, but I know my family ALWAYS has multiple jello sides at every family dinner.
  7. I'm thinking either corn or green bean casserole....I work for the county--and there are 12+ departments...three are doing salads, there's two doing bread, two for desserts, one with veggies....another that's just bringing plasticware, napkins, etc.
  8. Yeah, the expensive part is the cheese! Not sure what it is in other parts of the country, but it's around $7-$9 per "loaf" here. :( Plus, I'd need the noodles (which are cheap), half & half, bread crumbs (cheap)....but if I were to make mac, it would probably set me back upwards of $30 for that many people.
  9. And it's pouring rain here....they'll have to move the BBQ indoors if it's like this tomorrow!

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