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    You think it would be easy for me to choose a topic for my class, but there are so many it is difficult! I need a sustainability/agriculture topic for class to write a paper on and to present. I wanted to do something different but interesting. I really like animals, but I enjoy plants as well. I was thinking about possibly doing something on raising fish for food since I thought it is a very interesting topic, but I'm hoping you guys can help me with some more ideas! I don't want the subject to be too simple (I am a science major afterall, and my topics are usually pretty in depth!) but it needs to be something that would interest other students too.
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    go over to SS and search for Paul Wheaton . He posts about many sustainable projects. Maybe you could get some ideas from his links.
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    Do you mean like raising catfish for food? I worked at a major universities aquaculture research facility for years and it's pretty neat what all goes into raising fish.

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