I Need a Wyandotte or Columbia Rock baby rooster in Central Ontario


8 Years
May 12, 2011
Port Perry, ON
I am located in the Port Perry area and am looking for a healthy baby rooster (Wyandotte or Columbia Rock) to raise with my 6 chicks, born May 4th 2011.
Please let me know if you've got one to sell! Thanks very much.
My first choice is actually Columbia Rock, just because that's what I've got, but if I can only find Wyandotte I don't have a preference as to which strain. My only preference is that it is a friendly little guy (I'm selecting for temperament) and very healthy, since I want to raise them as organically as possible.
Would you be willing to ship just one? And how old is he and what price are you asking, including shipping costs?
Thanks so much!

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