I need broody hen advice..probably getting her eggs to sit on

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    Jul 5, 2010
    Some background...our flock is 3 hens. 2 mixed LF and 1 bantam cochin. The bantam, Angus (yes, Angus is her name lol), has been broody twice already this spring. She's right at a year old and started laying around 9 months old. The first time, I finally broke her broodiness after 3 nights in a wire bottom cage. She was determined. This time I haven't gotten the cage out yet. DH said to get her a few eggs. But I have questions. We only have 1 nest box (hindsight, that really wasn't the best idea, even though they'd probably all use the same anyway, right?) I've sectioned off another section of the coop and moved her. She stays in the new box just fine during the day, but for 3 days in a row, I've found her back in the original box. If I put eggs under her is she more likely to use the new box? Or will she keep moving back to where the other girls are still laying? And if so, doesn't that sabotage the hatch?

    My other thought...is it possible to let her sit on unfertile eggs for a week or so and then stick day old chicks under her in the middle of the night? Would she catch on to that trick? lol

    If we go through with this, we'll probably only get 6 bantam eggs for her. We'd be able to keep 2 hens. Are the rest going to be really hard to get rid of? We can't have roosters at all and really 5 girls is more than enough for us.

    Thanks for any advice [​IMG]

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    this is a great thread on stopping broodiness:

    I have seen posts where people put a day old chick under mom at night, it seems to work.

    She will sit and sit and sit until she gets chicks or until you break the broodiness.

    I'd have a giveaway plan before you hatch!

    do some searching in this forum, there id LOADS of information on broodiness.

    good luck!

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