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    Feb 25, 2013
    We need advice on how to attach a modified chicken coop (dog house) with a 4-6" overhang to a chain link fence (7'x10' dog pen). I made 4 doors, one on each side for different purposes. The two side doors are identical, one will be the chickens door. I need to know how to attach the fence to the coop along the side (the used fenced pen was an after thought). Not sure how to cut the fence so it doesn't unravel. Thank you!
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    I have not used chain link but what I’ve done with other types of fencing to create an opening is to take two wooden frames, one on each side of the fence, and screw those together tight enough to clamp the fence between them. Maybe you can come up with something based on that?
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    Hmm... I know how to cut, bend, and link to the neighboring cut wire so nothing unravels and I can get you a picture showing such a hole along with the u-shaped nails that hold it securely to the coop. But, we put the coop on 2' legs and between that and the sloped roof, we weren't fighting the overhang. So, our coop and run are flush. It's not a huge overhang on yours so maybe make a rectangular tube with a wide enough board to get you just past the roofline, move the door to the end of the tube, and attach the run to the outside of the tube?

    On cutting and bending... You'll want long-handled wire cutters (it's tough wire) and two pair of pliers -- beefy locking pliers make a big difference. Clip one plier right next to where you want it to bend and use that for a handle while using the other to bend the end.
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